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JeMS – Jewelry Management System

JeMS is the Future Software for Jewelry Industry. Complete solution designed to provide the power and flexibility required by the Jewelry Industry to fulfill their business requirements of today and tomorrow. JeMS is a step towards globalization, can handle multiple currencies for purchase and sales, flexible account structure. JeMS is a Total Business Solution. JeMS improves employee’s productivity be empowering them with the best tool available and suitable for their specific job function. It has maximized the use of standard business forms and documents communicated electronically between locations, employees, customers and vendors.

Purchase Module
All the activities related to ordering and receiving Goods and Services from the Vendor are handled in this module. This Module also handles any returns sent to the Vendors. Moreover this module also handles cost re-evaluation of the Jewelry. This module also stores all the pertinent information related to Vendors, Suppliers, and Vendors Shipment Methods, Vendor Order Method, Vendors Styles, Vendor Payment Terms, etc.

Sales Module
The activities related to Ordering, whether it be Sales Order, Transfer Order or Consignment Order, of the Customer are handled in this module. Picking Tickets can be generated for any of the Order. Its also manages the Back Orders. Sales Module can automatically send a Purchase Order of the Back Orders to vendor via email. RMA can be issued to authorize return of merchandize previously shipped to the customers. Moreover this module also handles Price re-evaluation of the Jewelry. All the pertinent information related to Customers and Sales e.g. Customer Credit Limits, Sales Events, Price Categories, Tax Rates etc are also stored in this Module.

Account Receivable Module
Accounts Receivable module handles receivable invoices, manages receivables from Customers. Activities that are related to Processing of Sales Invoices, Consignment Invoices, Transfer Invoices, One Step Invoices , One Step Consignments, Consignment Returns, Bulk Returns and Receiving of Payments, Applying Payments against Invoices, Giving Credits to the Customer, Issuing Credit Memo are included in this Module.

Commission Module
Actions related to Commission & Royalty earning of Sales Representatives and Designer respectively creating Sales Representative Pools are handled in Commission Module. Commission Invoices are generated automatically . We can edit them issue Debit Memo Against those Invoices, Approve them for Payments, Make Payments for them in accounts Payable Module. This module also stores information related to Designers, Sales Representative, Internal Sales Person and Marketing Companies.

Accounts Payable Module
Accounts Payable Module is used to process Payable Invoices and Payments against Invoices. The processing of Invoices includes Creating Payable Invoices against Purchase Orders or Services, Approving the Payments, Making Payment, Creating Checks and Debit Memos. It can make different kinds of Payments e.g. Check, Wire Transfer, IDC, Credit Card etc. This module selects and calculates early payment discounts, Displays Total Payable and Proved-to-Pay amounts, Allows unlimited partial payments on open Invoices, Permits user-defined periods for aging payables, Permits payment priorities to prioritize Invoice Payments, Allows to created Invoices Manually or Match them up to Purchase Order Receipts, Locates Vendors records by very flexible searching criteria, which can even be Vendor’s Telephone Number. JEMS has Flexible approve to pay feature to view just the Invoices that meet the criteria (Vendor, Discounts Date, Invoice Dates, etc.) and Approve or Un-approve, in part or in full, with just a Click. Moreover check voiding capability that streamlines processing for lost checks are also included in this module.

EDI Module
EDI mean Electronic Data Interchange. EDI is being used worldwide in most of the industries to transmit business documents in a standard format efficiently. EDI Module of JEMS takes text file from customer, as input according to EDI standard and generates Purchase Orders and Sales order automatically and then after words automatically send invoices to customer in text files according to EDI standard against their Orders.

Inventory Module
All the activities related to Receiving Goods from the Vendors or Customer, Issuing of Goods to the Customer and Stock Taking are handled in this module. Inventory is maintained automatically but it has also got functionality of Inventory Adjustments. Added value of this module lies in its integration with United Postal Service of America, Inc. (UPS) electronically.

General Ledger Module
JEMS is based on automatic accounting. All the transactions are batched, approved and then posted into General Ledger. The General Ledger Module of JEMS is period based, Double Entry system. Activities related to Opening & closing of Periods, Creating Batches, Approving and Posting Batches to GL and Bank Reconciliation are included in this module. Moreover Financial Years and Chart of Accounts can also be defined in this Module.

Security Module
JEMS is based on very secure architecture. It has three layers and Security have been enforced at each layer. Only system administrator has rights to create User and only he can modify their rights. Administrator can also give only viewing right to a user, in this case the user cannot modify data; he can only view it. The rights to the user are based on System Roles. While creating system roles, System Administrator can set access level of each form and even on the tabs of the every form. Forms with sensitive information have security set even the business logic layer. Furthermore every user has access security set even at the data access layer level. All these procedures assure that no user without the rights will be able to use the system.
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