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RemitAnywhere PRO is the premium version and includes many features like 24/7 technical support, advance branch & agent network management, A/R & A/P with branches and agents, enterprise class compliance, audit trail, dual authorization, and enhanced reporting that are not available in the FREE or LITE versions. This version is designed for any size of money transfer company.
RemitAnywhere PRO offers all the features that are included in the FREE and LITE versions plus many more, as described below:

• 24/7 Technical support
Unlike the FREE and LITE versions, 24 hour technical support is available for the RemitAnywhere PRO customers.

• Dual authorization and enhanced security
RemitAnywhere PRO provides MSBs a built-in dual authorization mechanism required by most banks and financial institutions and incorporates enhanced security architecture with additional layers of security features.

• Enhanced due-diligence (EDD) and anti money laundring (AML)
RemitAnywhere provides multiple filtration levels to scrutinize suspicious activity by: utilizing a powerful rules engine; customer profiling techniques; enhanced due diligence for “KYC” and Customer ID Programs.

• Rule-based service charges (fees charged to customers)
RemitAnywhere PRO offers rule-based customized computation of service charges (fees charged to customers).

• Accept transactions on the Internet
RemitAnywhere PRO enables MSBs to start their own money transfer businesses on the Internet quickly and easily.

• Audit trail
RemitAnywhere PRO maintains a system audit log for any override or change effected by the branch/agent user providing a complete audit trail for remittance transactions.

• Integration with the receiving-side payees or correspondents
The receiving-side network (payees) receive all the remittance transactions initiated and processed by the sending-side network completing the full life cycle of the transactions.

• Enhanced reporting
RemitAnywhere PRO provides enhanced level of reporting capability for all the complex reporting requirements.

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