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SPARS POS caters to the Rug Industry Retailers. It is a complete solution designed to cover all aspects of the Rug Industry from the retail perspective and is currently being used by some of the largest retail stores in USA. SPARS POS is a complete automated solution for the retail industry. SPARS POS improves retail operations by providing POS-wide functionality to cover all business requirements of the Rugs retail business.This product covers all basic components of a retail business (i.e. Inventory Management, Sales, Purchase, Commission/Royalty, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Returns and General Ledger). SPARS POS has following Modules.
Purchase Module
All the activities related to ordering and receiving Goods and Services from the Vendor are handled in this module. This Module also handles all Consignments and returns sent to the Vendors. Moreover this module also handles cost re-evaluation of the Rugs. This module also stores all the pertinent information related to Vendors, Suppliers, and Vendors Shipment Methods, Vendor Order Method, Vendors Styles, Vendor Payment Terms, etc.

Sales Module
The activities related to Ordering, whether it be Sales Order, Transfer Order or Approvals, of the Customer are handled in this module. SPARS POS provides an import utility to import data entered using Palm PC into the SPARS POS database. Moreover, this module also handles Price re-evaluation of the Rugs. All the pertinent information related to Customers and Sales e.g. Customer Credit Limits, Sales Events, Price Categories, Tax Rates etc are also stored in this Module.

Account Receivable Module
Accounts Receivable module handles receivable invoices, manages receivables from Customers. Activities that are related to Processing of Sales Invoices, Consignment Invoices, Transfer Invoices, One Step Invoices, One Step Consignments, Consignment Returns, Bulk Returns and Receiving of Payments, Applying Payments against Invoices.

Commission Module
Actions related to Commission & Royalty earning of Sales Representatives and Designer respectively creating Sales Representative Pools are handled in Commission Module. Commission Invoices are generated automatically. We can edit them issue Debit Memo Against those Invoices, Approve them for Payments, Make Payments for them in accounts Payable Module. This module also stores information related to Designers, Sales Representative, Internal Sales Person and Marketing Companies.

Accounts Payable Module
Accounts Payable Module is used to process Payable Invoices and Payments against Invoices. The processing of Invoices includes Creating Payable Invoices against Purchase Orders or Services, Approving the Payments, Making Payment, Creating Checks and Debit Memos. It can make different kinds of Payments e.g. Check, Wire Transfer, IDC, Credit Card etc. This module selects and calculates early payment discounts, Displays Total Payable and Proved-to-Pay amounts, Allows unlimited partial payments on open Invoices, Permits user-defined periods for aging payables, Permits payment priorities to prioritize Invoice
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